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Latvia was struck by a serious economic crisis in 2008, which led to dramatic national budget cuts for education, health care and social needs.

The income level of local residents dropped, unemployment increased, and many people became economic migrants and moved to Western Europe to find work.

The Latvian capital city of Riga is home to 710,000 people. Latviais a post-Soviet country and regained independent statehood in 1991.

Since then, there have been fundamental changes of a political, economic and social nature.

The first newspaper, century, newspapers played an important role in shaping public opinion, in ensuring national and social emancipation, in promoting social and political changes, and in establishing the new Republic of Latvia.

A particularly impressive phenomenon in the 20 (1911-1940), which was vastly popular and influential.

In 2010, more than 15 per cent of the country’s residents were non-citizens.

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One consequence of the Soviet occupation is the large number of non-citizens who live in Latvia.The Latvian language press critiques political processes and serves as a ‘watchdog’.It is also more likely than the Russian language press to write about the countryside and Latvia’s regions.Since 2004, it has been a member of the EU and NATO.The most developed and promising sectors in the Latvian economy are forestry, the production of ecological foodstuffs, the provision of transport services, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

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