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And it has a lovely meaning as well, ‘the elevated one’.

It’s the Somali form of Hiba and means ‘gift from Allah’.

The names often narrate the story of their ancestral or social background.

Some are also named after relatives, celebrities, or national events.

This Somali name has one of my most favorite meanings ‘the one who helps’.

This name will inspire your daughter to be kind and helpful to others.

This name would work well for babies of any background. Barkhado is one of the most familiar Somali names, not heard even in the States yet. Beydaan is a cool Somali name that would be easy to use in America.

Meaning ‘Sunday’, Axado would be a perfect name to give to girls born on this happy day.Somalia is a long and narrow African country around the Horn of Africa.The culture, as reflected in the names, is the amalgamation of tradition developed through interactions with neighboring countries and far away civilizations. The first is a given name, the second is the father’s name, and the third is the child’s paternal grandfather’s name.It’s a Somali version of Aliyah and means ‘exalted’.We’re surprised that a name as trendy as Caaliyah hasn’t made to the top 1000 list.

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