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The study couldn't delve into causative factors, Cacioppo said.But the researchers did suggest a few possibilities.Find a club or a hobby that you enjoy and get out there and meet people with common interests. The best thing about it is, you can be as choosy as you want and you can get to know a fair amount about them (if they're sincere and honest, which admittedly not all are) all before meeting them. This self-disclosure is linked to greater appeal and to firmer friendships in these studies.Cacioppo and his colleagues also found that the location of face-to-face meetings correlated with couples’ happiness."The observed differences in marital outcomes may not simply be the result of selection biases based on demographics," Cacioppo told Live Science.

For example, people who met in chat rooms tended to be less satisfied than those who met vie e Harmony or

Meetings matter To find out whether meeting place influences the marriage in the long term, Cacioppo and his colleagues analyzed divorces, separations and marital satisfaction among their participants.

They found that divorce and separation were slightly higher in those who met offline, with 7.6 percent of that group split up compared with 5.9 percent of those who met online.

Online couples also scored slightly higher on a scale of marital satisfaction than couples who met offline, though the difference was small.

The small differences aren't surprising, the researchers wrote, given how much more goes into a happy marriage beyond where the partners first met.

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