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I'm trying hard to find a way to shorten it, so that it will in fact get released at some point - when that is I have no idea.The most recent update would be this (though not really much of an update).Current status: in progress (A Fence In Need Current Status: 60% complete Estimated Release Date: late 2017-2018 Screenshots: t=142170 Latest News: (Nov 26, 2016) a Test (T2) Synopsis: An eccentric rich person hires you to rob his own mansion. You only take the job to figure out what he's up to... Current status: In progress - About 40% complete The Beginning (working title) (T2) Details: see this post.Current status: 90% complete Latest news: (7 Jan) (7 Jan) () () Estimated release date: Fall 2014 Screenshots: yes Keeper of Infinity 3: The Dark Forest, Darkbourg, Rowena's Legacy (T2) Details: Highly detailed missions with ominous plot Current status: Ko I 3 - 90%, Darkbourg - 50%, RL - 20% Estimated release date: 2017 Latest news: () () Author: -Terra- Earlier mission(s): Snowstorm, The Radiant Garden, Arac Attack, The Wedding of Lady Dark, Thief Trinity, Legend of the Four Elements I, II, III, Sommer CHallenge: Golden Roofs, The Heart of the Gems: Night Of The Red Moon, The Eye of the Gems: Shadow and Fog FM in development: [INDENT]Five Nights at Dayport (T2) Current status: 95% Estimated release date: Winter 2017 Screenshots: t=147251 The Soul of the Gems: Seeker of Darkness (T2) Details: Sequel to Heart of the Gems Current status: 30% Estimated release date: 2019 Author: The Watcher Earlier mission(s): none FM in development: Shadowed Mayfield (T2) Details: the mission will be split into two missions, more info is here Current status: on hold Latest news: (22 Feb) () () Estimated release date: Screenshots: yes (also includes level background description) Xavier's Library (T2) Details: mansion variant (library/gallery mission), delayed entry to Uncadonago's No-Pressure (un)Contest. Current status: on hold Latest news: (22 Feb) () () () Estimated release date: Screenshots: yes Game: T2 (latest New Dark) Status: Nearly done with the City portion, need to just finish up that then start building the mansion.% complete: About 98% Estimated release date: 2017 Synopsis/Comments: An unknown benefactor has tasked Garrett with breaking into a rival nobles home to clean house and essentially ruin the man due to 'conflicting business interests'.

(7 Apr) () "Rocksbourg Origins is going slowly these days, I'm taking a break.

I still expect at least to be releasing "Beneath the surface", though progress is very slow.

It's a long time since I last looked at "A Richer Dust". 15 Author: demagogue Fm(s) in development: Mount Bafford (T2) Author's earlier mission(s): A Nice Stroll Current status: Tweaked and put into the Chain Project Estimated release date: finished and currently in beta-testing. t=92946 A substantial chunk of my FM -- a really fun part -- I multibrushed into the Chain Project, which is basically finished and is being beta-tested right now.

FM in development: Return to the Lost City (T2) Details: - see this post.

Current status: Released Latest news: () () () () () Estimated release date: Prequel (working title) (T2) Details: - a campaign consisting of three missions that is a prequel to the events in Thief 1. Current status: Currently working on four briefings, which are about 75% done - True Dreams = About 8 months from alpha testing - Graduation = Will be in alpha testing soon Latest news: (4 Jun) t=137861 Estimated release date: Screenshots: yes (also see WIP thread)

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