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The family of the counts of Savoy extended their influence to England following the marriage in 1236 of Elonore de Provence (whose mother was the daughter of Thomas I Comte de Savoie) to Henry III King of England.

The English king's inability to control his wife's foreign relations was a factor which contributed to conflicts with his barons, which ultimately led to civil war.

A settlement between the county of Savoy and the emperor was brokered by Guglielmo V Marchese di Monferrato, who acted as regent for the minor Comte Thomas I after the death of Humbert III.

The county of Savoy (Saboia, pagus Savogiensis) was situated in the north-east part of the diocese of Grenoble, although no specific reference has been found in primary sources to counts in this area before the 11th century.

The family of the counts of Savoy first acquired power in the central part of the Burgundian kingdom during the latter part of the reign of King Rudolf III, when the Comtes de Genve and the Comtes d'Albon were also emerging as local power forces in the area.

Presumably such alleged descent would be through Charles Constantin Comte de Vienne, son of Louis King [of Provence], about whose two sons nothing is known apart from their names (see the document PROVENCE).

No reference to such charters is found in the commentary on the cartulary of Vienne Saint-Maurice published by Ulysse Chevalier, or in the handful of charters themselves which he reproducedson of "Braud".

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