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wooden crown wheel with iron ring of cogs underneath … He sought probate for a July, 1975, will which left him the property absolutely.

Replacement section of upright shaft No wallower No brakewheel Windshaft removed 1980. Justice Warner to rule invalid her October, 1975, will which left the property to him for his lifetime and thereafter to the National Trust.

1st (Stone) floor ‘Gothic’ arched windows east and west. He claimed that the later will was not properly executed. Williams was "hostile" to the idea of the National Trust inheriting Friary Farm said the judge.

Flints to above 2nd floor windows, remainder brick.

Coursed flint cobbles with brick quoining to ‘Gothic’ doors and windows.

(Funeral, Blakeney Parish Church, Wednesday, January 12th, at 11 a.m.

RONALD JAMES BASIL WILIAMS, aged 74 years, devoted husband of Olive and stepfather of Reginald.

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