College campus dating site

I think the whole point is nobody’s cracked the code.”To understand this theory, we need to take a bit of a closer look at the history books.

But let’s not forget that when Tinder first launched here, it also got a lot of criticism from the student body.“I think Northwestern tries to be really socially ironic a lot,” Hume said, “When things pop up that are cool and hip and with it, there’s kind of a natural pushback with things like Friendsy … Because like, ‘Oh, we’re all too smart and professional for this kind of thing.

On the recipient’s end, you won’t know who sent you a request unless you happen to send him or her (like many other dating portals, Friendsy doesn’t include any other gender options, nor any way to specify sexual orientation) that same request back.

The system leads to a tricky guessing game before you can figure out your wannabe hookup buddy’s identity.

“You have more outlets to meet new people besides just your dorm.”Including last week’s arrival at Northwestern, Friendsy now operates at a total of 41 campuses, 35 of which launched within the last month.

With an interface similar to Tinder and Hot or Not, this college-based social network allows a person to indicate interest in being friends, going on a date or hooking up with other students at their university based on their profiles – a couple photos plus their full name, school year, major and a Greek or sports-related affiliation.

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