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And not too long ago, some jokester thought it'd be funny to make an app called "The Chubby Checker," which promises to predict the size of a man's Sammy Davis Jr. Naturally, Checker wasn't pleased when he found out about the app's existence — and now he's filing a 0,000,000 trademark infringement lawsuit against Hewlett Packard due to the "irreparable damage and harm" caused by this goofy little novelty.

So Checker is asking for half a billion dollars on account of something that cost $.99, was downloaded a grand total of 84 times, and would have faded away quietly and completely if not for this headline-grabbing lawsuit.

I want to hug him — and take him to the closest produce department at Trader Joe's.

In the late 1950s, a young singer called Ernest Evans began going by the name of Chubby Checker, a handle bestowed in part by Dick Clark's wife (seriously! Because it was a less vulgar time, nobody thought to warn young Chubby that his new moniker was just begging to be used as a lame double entendre (example: "Chubby Checker? Celebrities show off their female breast nipples all willy-nilly, despite strict orders from the suits at CBS.

Please think about it You're asking to create a "slightly heavier" chat-room for those with a bit of extra weight?

I know someone this'd be perfect for, but in reality, this kind of idea would never come to fruition.

Teen chat is great but its hard to find people on there who understand you.

A Chubby is not a specific enemy, it's just a very rare "fat" version of one of the following enemies: Varkid, Spiderant, Skag, Stalker, Midget, Rakk.

would end up segregating "Chubby" people into their own chat room, lets look at how this might affect other users of that nature....

well one way off bat is the question "Why must I chat in a separate room from others based on my body size?

Of course it's up to the taste of each person which buddy to fuck!

As for me i really like to penetrate big tits fatty wifes, but i have all kinds of chubby porn.

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