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It was created by writer Tsugumi Ohba and artist Takeshi Obata, who scored a major success on both sides of the Pacific with their macabre fantasy “Death Note.” Instead of the murderously alienated college student Light Yagami and his arch-foe, bizarre über-detective L, Ohba and Obata offer a story here about two likable kids.

The tale of an eager student who quickly becomes a successful manga artist has been used before in both manga and anime.

But then again, ‘Death Note’ was a pretty short series.” When Moritake is given the keys to his uncle’s old studio — untouched since his death three years earlier — it galvanizes the young artist.

As he learns more about his uncle’s struggles, he devotes himself to drawing with increased determination and begins teaching Akito the basics of manga production and scripting.

Their sympathetic editor Hattori explains to Akito and Moritake how new stories are chosen, how artists and writers collaborate with editors, how submissions are evaluated, and the importance of artistic competitions and readers’ polls.

Moritake remains the less excitable member of the team, commenting, “Even the author of ‘Death Note’ wrote somewhere that he’d probably starve to death in five years if he didn’t keep working.” Akito replies noncommittally, “That’s a surprise.

One day while sitting bored in class, he sketches a picture of his crush, Miho Azuki, and forgets his notebook in the classroom.

Who would have thought the late Heath Ledger would have pulled off the Joker so well?

The boys’ initial work is favorably received, and Hattori continues to hone their skills.

But they soon must make a major decision: Do they continue the personal, quirky stories that might enjoy a cult following, or do they try to create a mainstream battle story which could become a breakout hit.

So keep your calenders marked if you are interested in some manga-making action.

Bakuman 2 will continue were the first series left off, however it is unknown how far this season will go through the manga source material.

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