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Still, never expecting it, they fell one by one (Ozzy, Jason and Erik — and Alexis, too, although for somewhat different reasons).

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With that in mind, how Parvati won may not be that much of mystery.Amanda cried after winning the final immunity challenge because she had to vote out one of her two friends, and the jury didn't seem to buy her emotional breakdown as genuine.Instead, they probably saw it as an attempt to sway them.With that in mind, Vulture has ranked the 100 best reality-television couples that we’ll never forget. house, thanks to nasty comments from her male housemates.Some got together before our very eyes, some hooked up after meeting on the reality-TV circuit, and others just decided that the world needed to share in their wedded bliss. Luckily, her man James had her back all throughout a year that was dominated by couples and especially difficult for the ladies. Zach Nichols & Ashley Kelsey ()The long-haired hunk and his “fake” girlfriend (at least according to her housemates) were inseparable when they were living in the San Diego house. Terry & Heather Dubrow ()Although Heather is always hectoring her plastic surgeon husband to spend more time with his kids, you can tell these two have a loving and lasting relationship, unlike fellow Househusband and Dubrow’s divorced correspondent met Donald Trump’s first winner thanks to reality television, so it made sense that they decided to share their lives (and struggles with infertility and adoption) with the whole world. Ken Greene & Tina Hunter Greene (, they were separated and not wearing their rings. Al & Caroline Manzo ()It’s hard not to wish Caroline Manzo was your tough-talking but nurturing mother. Colin Mortensen & Amaya Brecher ()It was almost painful to watch Amaya fall so hard for Colin, and it was definitely a turnoff for many viewers.

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